Hello fellow knitters! Amy is out today so I thought I would poke around on her computer, only to find that the last blog was in March?! She is so busy it's unreal.

What has she been busy with? Well let me tell you, Heartland Fiber recently moved to the West side of the square into a magical, spacious, cozy and PERMANANT location! Check us out at 112 N 1st Ave in Winterset. The building is amazing. Beautiful, original wood floors have been restored. Freshly painted walls and the original tin ceiling screams in awww. Amy and her 'posse' have been busy putting the shop together. Making sure yarn displays are fabulous, putting out new gift items and making sure the gathering space is ready for knitters/crocheters to come and spend the day gabbing!

I've been a member of the 'posse' for around 2 years and let me tell you, this shop is my home away from home. I'm a busy mom of two little boys and 1 husband who needs attention too! Every Thursday night is stitch n b*@ch. This is mommy time for me. When I open the door, it is instant relaxation with company of good friends, food and a whole lot of laughter. Everyone was very inviting when I first came to the shop. I have learned so much about knitting from this group and have tackled some big projects. Projects that I would have never dreamed of trying. I've made baby hats, blankets, fingerless mittens and a felted- over the shoulder bag. I'm really proud of the last one!

I've started working here on Monday's, so if you are ever in town, you must stop by and see the store....and me!